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Mendwick Wave Wax Burner

Mendwick Wave Wax Burner

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Introducing our elegant Wave wax burner! This sleek burner may have a slim profile, but it is just as breathtaking as its bulkier counterparts. Its delicate geometric design blends seamlessly with modern decor, making it an excellent addition to your home.

Don't be deceived by its compact size, as the Wave wax burner can effortlessly accommodate one of our wax melt cubes with its smaller melting dish. Moreover, the burner's geometric styling is visible from all angles, allowing you to display it with the opening forwards and bask in the serene glow of your tealights. Alternatively, you can showcase its beauty by turning it around.

Invest in the mesmerizing Wave wax burner, and add a touch of sophistication to your home!

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