What's Your Style? Shop Wax Melts by Fragrance Style

Wax melts are the perfect way to inject a burst of powerful fragrance into any room in your home quickly and now you can find your new favourite scent by simply choosing a fragrance style, with the tang of citrus & fresh scents, vibrant and juicy fruity scents, decadent floral scents or cosy woody & oriental scents, there is a wax melt for every mood and every occasion.

Simply pop your new favourite wax melt in your wax warmer and within minutes your room should be filled with vibrant fragrance. To find your new favourite style, simply choose your chosen style below to find your new favourite.

Unveil & Discover: Wax Melt Fragrance Styles FAQ

What are wax melt fragrance styles?

Fragrance Styles allow you to effortlessly discover your new favourite wax melt. Whether you're drawn to the allure of oriental, woody scents or the vibrancy of fruity fragrances, we've got you covered. Your perfect match awaits – dive in and let your senses guide you to a world of delightful scents.

How long do your wax melts last?

Expertly designed to provide up to 72 hours of enchanting fragrance. Each cube boasts approximately 12 hours of aromatic bliss, although variations may occur based on your wax burner and heating method. Embrace the sensory journey as our wax melts transform your space with long-lasting, delightful scents

Are your wax melts strong?

Well, we certainly think so! We're passionate about wax melts, and that's why we've dedicated ample time to craft and test each one. Our goal is to deliver the strongest possible wax melt, capable of filling your room with aromatic bliss in a jiffy. Because we believe in turning every moment into a fragrant experience you'll love.

How long will it take for my wax melts to be delivered?

We're on it! Your long-lasting wax melts are our priority. Expect dispatch within 1-2 working days, swiftly on their way to you through your chosen delivery method. Get ready to elevate your space with enchanting fragrances!