Collection: Floral Wax Melts

Experience the delightful fragrance of our floral wax melts at Mendwick Candles. Our carefully crafted scents encompass fresh florals, smooth woods, and the enchanting essence of Jasmine. Rest assured, we only use natural soy wax in all our wax melts, ensuring a high-quality product made with love and care. Create an ambiance of soft and powdery floral notes in your home, as if a gentle summer breeze has swept through every room.

Explore our wide range of floral wax melts online today at Mendwick Candles and discover your new favourite fragrance. Spoil yourself with timeless classics like Blushed Peony or indulge in the allure of exotic scents like Orchid. With our selection, you simply can't go wrong. Enhance your living space and let the captivating aromas bring your home to life!