Collection: Oriental & Woody Wax Melts

Experience the captivating scents of our Oriental & Woody wax melts, carefully crafted to infuse your home with smoky, earthy, and woody notes. We pride ourselves on using only natural soy wax in our products, ensuring that each Mendwick wax melt is created with love and attention to detail. By choosing our wax melts, you can create an atmosphere of zen, tranquillity, and calm within your space.

Discover the enticing selection of Oriental & Woody wax melts available online today at Mendwick Candles. Whether you're seeking a new favourite fragrance or prefer to indulge in classics like Feng Shui, our collection offers something for everyone. Step into a world of exotic aromas with options like Vintage Books and let the enchanting scents fill your home with warmth and sophistication.