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Mendwick Aquila Wax Burner

Mendwick Aquila Wax Burner

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Introducing the Mendwick Aquila Wax Burner - a true standout amongst its competitors. With its distinct triangular design and deep triangular melting dish, this wax burner is guaranteed to catch everyone's attention.

Whether you place it in the center of your coffee table or as a decorative piece on a shelf, the Aquila wax burner is sure to become a unique talking point in any room. And when it comes to functionality, this wax burner truly shines.

Thanks to its deep melting dish, you can use two cubes from a Mendwick wax melt without any worries of wax overflowing. Say goodbye to messy and wasteful burns!

Even when not in use, the Aquila wax burner adds to the overall ambiance of your space with its beautiful design. Its presence alone enhances the appeal of any room, making it a must-have addition to your home decor.

Experience the beauty and functionality of the Mendwick Aquila Wax Burner today and elevate your wax melting experience to new heights.
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