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Hive Wax Burner Bundle/Gift Set

Hive Wax Burner Bundle/Gift Set

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Introducing the Mendwick Candles Hive Wax Burner Bundle - the ultimate stress-free solution for all your home fragrance needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of choosing your wax melts and burner separately, as this bundle includes four packs of wax melts in your preferred fragrance style, along with our stunning Hive Wax Burner.

The Hive Wax Burner is truly one-of-a-kind, with its captivating waves and curves reminiscent of deliciously runny honey. Add a touch of elegance and intrigue to your home by placing this unique burner on your coffee table or mantlepiece. Whether you prefer to showcase the Hive's striking face for a comforting glow from your tealight candle, or you prefer to admire the alluring curves from a different angle, this burner will surely be a conversation starter.

But why offer a bundle, you may ask? We simply want to make your wax burner shopping experience as seamless as possible. By providing you with the perfect combination of a stylish burner and a selection of fragrances, we eliminate the need for multiple purchases. Simply choose your desired fragrance style, and leave the rest to us. And if you're purchasing this bundle as a gift, we've got you covered. Opt for our gift-packing option, and we'll beautifully package your burner and melts in a charming white box adorned with navy shredding and a matching navy bow.

Experience the ease and elegance of our Hive Wax Burner Bundle and elevate your home fragrance game effortlessly.
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