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Devon Wax Burner Bundle/Gift Set

Devon Wax Burner Bundle/Gift Set

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Our Devon Wax Burner Bundle/Gift Set is your key to an effortlessly delightful home fragrance experience. Tired of the wax melt and wax warmer hunt? We've got you covered with this all-inclusive wax warmer and wax melts gift set that transforms your space with ease.

Dive into a world of scents with four carefully curated packs of wax melts, tailored to your preferred fragrance style. Whether you're in the mood for soothing lavender or an invigorating burst of citrus, we've handpicked an array of scents to suit every taste. And to complement these aromatic delights, our sophisticated Devon Wax Burner takes centre stage.

The modern design of our Devon Wax Burner effortlessly elevates any room. With its soft curved edges and robust side walls, this burner not only exudes elegance but promises durability too. The recessed tealight holder adds a touch of magic, allowing only the warm glow of the flame to be visible, enhancing your sensory experience.

But that's not all – our Devon Wax Burner gift set comes gorgeously gift-packaged in a white box, finished with a hand-tied bow. Perfect for gifting, this bundle is not only a treat for your senses but makes an ideal present for loved ones. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the joy of effortlessly transforming your space with our Devon Wax Burner Bundle.

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