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Best sellers Wax Melts & Wax Burner Bundle

Best sellers Wax Melts & Wax Burner Bundle

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We all have busy lives, so we have created our "best sellers bundle" to make ordering and creating your home fragrance experience a breeze. This bundle consists of four packs of wax melts, with fragrances chosen from our current best sellers along with the Leece Wax Burner.

The Leece wax burner offers a simple design that fits perfectly with any room style, offering large curved sides and a generous sized opening for accessing your tealights, making a perfect burner for a starter bundle, easy to use and easy on the eyes.

Why do we offer a bundle like this? Simple, we want to give you the perfect wax burner and choice of fragrances in one simple purchase. This allows you to to sample the current best selling fragrances without having to buy each fragrance separately.

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