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Eiffel Wax Melt

Eiffel Wax Melt

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Transform your home into a luxurious Parisian getaway with our Eiffel-scented wax melts. Indulge in the irresistible aroma of lavender and cinnamon, expertly blended to create a tantalising and pleasing scent experience.

As you warm the wax, prepare to be captivated by a symphony of fragrant notes. The top notes delicately cascade into the heart of the fragrance, unveiling balanced hints of myrrh and heliotrope. These inviting scents are beautifully complemented by the gentle presence of lavender, floating gracefully in the base.

To add a touch of allure, smoky tonka bean and velvety amber delicately wrap around the entire fragrance, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere in every room. With Eiffel-scented wax melts, your home will exude elegance and charm, transporting you to the idyllic streets of Paris.

Experience the luxury and sophistication of Paris with our exquisite Eiffel-scented wax melts, and pamper yourself with the aromas that evoke the enchanting ambience of this iconic city. Elevate your space with this enchanting fragrance and let the captivating blend transport you to a place of relaxation and enjoyment.
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